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AWS certified! Certified Solutions Architect - Associate AWS Transcript
ami_expose Tool for searching public AMIs GitLab Repo NodeJS to help Linux Torrent Seeding GitLab Repo
WarVox Updating Project to Rails 5 Github Repo
AWS AMI Searching AMIs for Private Data Research
Gliffy Trawling Gliffy for Sensitive Data Research
Gliffy Not disclosed publicly N/A
LPI certified! Linux Professional Institute Certifcation. 1500-0294-0100 Not disclosed publicly Acknowledgement
Honeypot Network Results of my Honeypot Network White Paper
DNS Recon Tool Book containing tool I wrote Amazon Link
VOIP Honeypot VOIP honeypot network I created GitLab Repo
Arcade Trade Insecure Cookie Handling Advisory
Aterr Forums System Disclosure, Admin Access Advisory
Big Lick File Manager System Files Download Advisory
Big Lick Mailing List System Files Download Advisory
Big Lick Backup System Files Download Advisory
FileCOPA FTP Server Buffer Overflow leading to shell Advisory
Million Dollar Text Authentication Bypass Advisory
PHP SiteLock Insecure Cookie Handling Advisory
Star Articles Insecure Cookie Handling Advisory